Munich musicans –  Oom pa Band makes you feel bavarian

Traditional german music (oompah band) from germany  can really be fun and modern. You will get to know it, when you see “Die Lausbuba” live on stage. This musicians are a Oom pa band, that gets you into bavarian music.

oom pa music

What is Oom pa music?

You may know that typical sound from the traditional octoberfest, where you hear the bass, accordion, clarinet or trumpet and of course the drums. This sound makes you dance, you want to stomp and do party. Oom pa music from Germany is this traditional music from the bavarian mountains and extraordinary polka sound, that is so much fun.

“Die Lausbuba” will make you feel like bavarian, if they enter the stage and show what they can. The band plays classic bavarian songs, well known from the ocotberfest, but also can add some of the modern german songs, to create a unique an versatile show, that makes everyone want to have fun. Great musicans fom munich plays for your event.


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bavarian musicans

Who are “Die Lausbuba”?

This bavarian band from the south is a band from munich, that will come in various cast. If you wish, you can book them as a group of four, that includes a charming female singer, that shows up in a Dirndl, and three ambitious musicians, that will play their instruments with passion. They create a unique music with their clarinet, double bass and accordion.
You can book the bavarian band in different casts, but they will always make you feel like you are in bavarian and enjoying a nice time at the Oktoberfest.

bavarian musicans

oompah band musicans from munich

Sabrina (female singer)
This charming lady is the singer of the band from the sound and can inspire the whole crowd. When her voice rises, the people will start to make party, they will dance and get emotional , cause Sabrinas voice sounds so unique and gives the music a heart.

Anton (oompah band – bavarian musican)
This young man brings bavarian enjoyment to every show. When he starts playing his accordion or the keyboards, everyone sees, that he enjoys, what he is doing. This inspires his audience to enjoy the show too.

Armin (oompah band – bavarian musican)
Lausbub Armin plays the clarinet und double bass and creates a typical bavarian sound, that can not be missed at a bavarian event or a special party. Armin knows his instruments very well and can make them sound different to what you know. You might be surprised, how modern and inspiring classical bavarian music could be like.

Tobias (oompah band – bavarian musican)
He plays the trumpet and sometime the guitar too. He can play his instruments unplugged at smaller events or rock the big show too create a unique and festive sound for different events.


oompah band from bavarian

On what events do “Die Lausbuba – oompah band” play?

The band from the south shows up on different events all around germany. Not only they play their shows on classic Oktoberfest, but you can also book them for private events like birthdays or for differentpublic events. Every show will be a unique performance, espeacially designed for your event.

Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch
The tyrolian song is a real classic that cannot be missed when you want to enjoy a bavarian event. When they play this very famous song, the crowd starts singing and dancing, it is a real party crasher on traditional events.

Not a traditional bavarian song but a german hit, that makes the people party all time long. The song, originally played by german singer Wolfgang Petry, get a new make up, while played with traditional bavarian instruments. This makes this known song very unique and fresh.

“I sing a liad für di”
Modern songs from the south of germany are also to find in the setlist. The popular song from austrian singer Andreas Gabalier is a real favourite especially for the younger listeners. This song makes the crowd go wild and having fun, which is even to see on the stage, while “Die Lausbuba” perform.

Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit
There is no Oktoberfest without this song. It is obvious that the traditionel bavarian musicians play this song while performing on stage. It has to be on every setlist to feel the originally Oktoberfest atmosphere.

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