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Servus, Prost and O Zapft is, the bavarian band munich!

Those are the famous words that declare the beginning of the Oktoberfest, as Munich invites the world to the biggest folk festival in Europe. And we know how the Germans love to party with traditional bavarian entertainment and an authentic bavarian band. In Dirndl and Lederhosen the Bavarians come together to drink, dance and simply have a good time  - But there is no bavarian party without the traditional live music and the notorious oompah-sound!

Whether you are from Europe, America, Asia or anywhere else - If you are planning an event Oktoberfest style, you don’t need to look any further! With the most energetic oompah band from Germany you can experience the original bavarian entertainment -in all detail, all over the world!

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Bavarian Music for international guests Oktoberfest musik for international guests

The bavarian band “The Lausbuba” (bavarian slang for rascals) is a group of multitalented young musicians that dazzel with their cheeky bavarian humor, their thrilling live music and their highly acclaimed and entertaining bavarian show. Always performing in the traditional bavarian tracht, the beloved bavarian oktoberfest band consists of two main members but can be booked as a trio or with a female lead singer in a quartet formation. With this bavarian band your event will be amazing.


Multi-talented oompah band from Bavaria - bavarian band munich "die Lausbuba"!

Name a musical instrument and be sure the talented bavarian musicians will know how to play it and how to bring it’s sound to a new level. Whether it's a trumpet, accordion, tuba or clarinet, the guitar, keyboard, saxophone or outstanding singing vocals. Energetic live music is key to the original “Wiesn” vibe and the versatile bavarian band delivers high quality live music - at every show!

Original bavarian music meets oompah-sound and chart hits of today!

Get ready for this original bavarian brass band and their huge musical repertoire as they combine traditional bavarian folk music with modern tunes and their infamous sounds of a traditional band from Bavaria.  

Polkas, marches and waltzes, hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, naughties and 2000s; Britney Spears, AC DC and the Black Eyed Peas or anything you ask for- with the authentic, oktoberfest band from Bavaria it will be no time until the dirndl spin over the dancefloor and the audiences parties on the tables.



The oktoberfest band from Germany is fluent in English and they are happy to host a variety of traditional bavarian party games. From “Maskrugstemmen” (beer pitcher stemming), “Fingerhakeln” (Finger wrestling), a “Miss Dirndl or Mister Lederhosen competition” to the teachings of the famous chicken dance - The bavarian oktoberfest band offers an interactive show element of bavarian entertainment that guarantees excitement and entertainment and will be tailored to your event! This bavarian band is very sophisticated working with international guests and entertain them. Click here for any further information and write an e-mail.


Experience your personal bavarian Oktoberfest!

If you want to bring the Oktoberfest experience into your country, the octoberfestband from Germany is the perfect choice for your event! Whether you are setting up a (beer) festival, a wedding reception, a birthday party, a corporate event or an office/business party - the dynamic duo knows what an authentic bavarian-style event needs and they turn your party into a unique and authentic Oktoberfest experience!


Plan your bavarian oktoberfest event, anywhere in the world!

From the Hofbrauhaus in Munich and the blue and white mountains of Germany, the bavarian band travels nationally and internationally to wherever their Lederhosen take them. Whether you need an oktoberfest band from Germany in Austria or Switzerland, in Zurich, Wien or Tirol; France and Belgium, the Netherlands, Paris, Brussels, Den Haag or Amsterdam.

Whether you are looking for a bavarian oktoberfest band in Ireland, Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Cork; England, London, Manchester or Liverpool. Or even further, in India, Dubai or … - The adventurous oompah band travels overseas, flys down under and turns your bavarian themed party upside down and insight out!

Original bavarian entertainment - music, fun and beer barrels full of bavarian charm: Click here for any inquiries or browse through our website.

The Lausbuba Party band from Germany is looking forward to hearing from you!