German Oompah Band from Munich

If you want to experience traditional bavarian sounds, you should not miss “Die Lausbuba”. This energetic oompah band from Munich, brings the original tunes from the german Oktoberfest straight to your event. This bavarian musicians make sure that the crowd will enjoy the show right from the start. Entertainment from munich is unique and traditional and will make your event unforgettable.

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Why do you need a traditional Oompah band?

The Oktoberfest is an event, that will not be missed in autumn all around germany. But not only there, also in the United Kingdom, in the USA, in Asia or other countries, the people would like to experience the traditional Oktoberfest from Germany. How could you celebrate this special event, without the very famous bavarian music?

You will need a bavarian band like “Die Lausbuba”, who bring the unique sounds from clarinet, double bass and of course, the accordian to your very own Oktoberfest. They do not only provide you and your guest to the classic bavarian tunes, but can make your guests feel like the attending the real Munich Oktoberfest. Real bavarian musicans make sure that every one of your guests is in the right mood to experience an unique and unforgettable bavarian night.


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bavarian musicans

What kind of music will “Die Lausbuba” play?

If you want to book the traditional bavarian musicians, you might want to know, what kind of music it is to expect from the artists from Munich? Well, the setlist is very unique and can be different from show to show, because “Die Lausbuba” will make every show unique and special. If you need an authentic Oktoberfest band, you get to know the classics, that are played on the world famous event on “Die Wiesn”.

To the classic bavarian sounds, that the crowd lead to party and dance are “Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch” or “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus” , but also more modern songs like “Hulapalu” which reach out to the younger guests froom the Oktoberfest. With “Die Lausbuba” from Munich, you can get some traditional Oompah Sounds, but also modern songs, that will be reinterpreted with the classic instruments from the german Oompah band.
If you want to book them, the musicians will create a unique setlist, voted especially for your very own event.

bavarian musicans

Why are oompah sounds so popular?

People all around the world like to celebrate the beginn of autumn with a traditional Oktoberfest. Not only is the main event in the metropol from Bavaria a special event, that lead millions of visitors all around the world to munich. But in different places around the globe, people celebrate this event. Like the real event, they need traditional Oompah sounds, to celebrate this classic bavarian Oktoberfest, to make it feel real.

People enjoy the merger of traditional and modern, they love the stomping sound, that leads everybody to dance and people love the rousing art of oompah bands like “Die Lausbuba”, that makes every Oktoberfest to a unforgettable event. Visitors can dive into the very unique and different culture of Bavarian and fell, what it is like to make party like thie ones from Munich.


How can I book “Die Lausbuba” for my event?

The original bavarian oompah band “Die Lausbuba” travel around the world to make people enjoy the traditional sounds from Bavaria. You can book them for a corporate event with bavarian band or for a private party like a birthday or your very own Oktoberfest. The professional band from the south of Germany will provide a unique setlist for your event and make sure, that everybody will have fun while experience traditional oompah sounds.

You have the chance to book “Die Lausbuba”, the bavarian musicians for a reception in Munich or for other events, that need some special sounds, made by ambitious musicians. The Oktoberfest bands booking is possible for different events in Germany or other countries. Just let us know, what kind of event you are planning and what you need for your event. “Die Lausbuba” make sure, that every show is special and people have a good time. You can book the bavarian band in different casts, so it is always perfect for your very own event. Just let us know what you expect.

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